FPO Ranking for Zoo Town

This is still relatively new to Art’s Fudge rankings, being 2nd time we’ve done this for FPO division. And presumably still a new type of published ranking for all of elite pro disc golf.

The order here aligns with AF standard weekly rankings, though that includes players not playing upcoming event. The intent for upcoming event rankings for FPO is to always publish top 14, as that represents 50+ points in SkipAce redraft leagues. The list holds relevancy to season fantasy leagues, as well. 

Art seeks to keep this new list as simple as possible, while still looking good, layering in some info. 

Quick color guide: for AF Rank column, yellow is best, gold is second best, and the colors there are representative of what tier the player is on. For Rating column, yellow is still best player value. Non-green is better than green. Light green is best of the greens.

FPO Top 14 Ranking for Upcoming Event

Order AF Rank FPO Player Rating
1 1 Kristin Tattar 991
2 4 Missy Gannon 966
3 6 Catrina Allen 970
4 10 Sai Ananda 956
5 11 Jessica Weese 957
6 12 Sarah Hokom 962
7 17 Emily Beach 950
8 21 Juliana Korver 943
9 23 Hanna Huynh 937
10 26 Deann Carey 944
11 27 Stacie Rawnsley 945
12 32 Vanessa Van Dyken 947
13 33 Holly Finley 940
14 36 Kona Montgomery 939