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FPO Ranking for DMC

Two of the top 5 from 2022’s DMC aren’t playing in the 2023 Elite event (Salonen and Hokom). Yet 2022 defending Champion, Tattar is. As is 2021 Champion, Missy Gannon. Macie took 3rd last year, Kat took 4th and Pierce tied for 5th. With a new slate of top 5 in 2023 rankings, this ought to make for a very interesting battle in a few days.

Taken from the weekly rankings and keeping the focus on only the elite pros who are playing the next event, which in this case is the Des Moines Challenge. 

The intent for FPO is to always publish top 14, as that represents 50+ points in SkipAce redraft leagues. The list is relevant to season fantasy leagues, as well. 

If players from this list drop, AF will seek to update the list before the event, keeping to top 14. 

The list is meant to be simple to understand, while colors do add a bit of layering. See our Color Guide for further explanation.

Last updated: Wed. evening to reflect Weese dropping and Rawnsley added.

FPO Top 14 for DMC

Order AF Rank FPO Player Rating
1 1 Kristin Tattar 992
2 2 Ella Hansen 964
3 3 Hailey King 970
4 6 Missy Gannon 974
5 7 Holyn Handley 970
6 8 Jen Allen 957
7 9 Macie Velediaz 959
8 10 Kat Mertsch 965
9 11 Paige Pierce 970
10 16 Emily Beach 949
11 18 Ali Smith 940
12 19 Rebecca Cox 950
13 22 Deann Carey 942
14 23 Stacie Rawnsley 947
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