MPO Ranking for Preserve

This is the event ranking for the upcoming Preserve Championship, Elite event, in Minnesota. Taken from the weekly standard rankings and keeping the focus on only the elite pros who are playing the next event, which in this case is most of the top 30.

After a month of doing these type of (unique) rankings, I’m learning a thing or two. These rankings represent order in which they’ll likely be ranked in AF weekly update. So not how they’ll finish at the event, per se. As the season passes its half way point, the math and data for 2023 comes into more focus. I’m sticking to how I have event rankings for now, as the other way is taking some wild guesses. Suffice it to say, those wild guesses are included in this update.  

Why top 26? That represents 150+ points in SkipAce redraft leagues. The list is relevant to season fantasy leagues, as well. 

If players from this list drop, AF will seek to update the list before the event, keeping to top 26. Next up at #27 currently is Presnell.

The list is meant to be simple to understand, while colors do add a bit of layering. See our Color Guide for further explanation.

Added color code this update.

  • On the player name column, the colors here reflect players who’s history at the event, in this case Preserve over past 3 years, are on extraordinary side of things.
  • Buhr and Eagle have top 5 average that is consistent, which is as good as it gets.
  • Conrad has 3rd best avg at the event, consistently around 6th place. Suddenly the World Champ is sleeper destined to rise in this event. Or that’s my wild guess.
  • Aderhold has about 8th best average (nearly 11th) among those playing, but event rank of 17th. His worst finish is 15th in 2020. His best finish is tied for 8th, in 2021
  • And KJ’s average at around 14th place is 11th best, compared to his event ranking of 23rd. His worst finish is 17th, in 2020. His best finish is also tied for 8th in 2021.
Order AF Rank MPO Player Rating
1 1 Calvin Heimburg 1043
2 2 Gannon Buhr 1043
3 3 Ricky Wysocki 1044
4 4 Isaac Robinson 1038
5 5 Chris Dickerson 1040
6 6 Anthony Barela 1039
7 7 James Proctor 1030
8 8 Matt Orum 1040
9 9 Simon Lizotte 1036
10 10 Eagle McMahon 1042
11 11 Evan Smith 1030
12 12 Kyle Klein 1040
13 14 Cale Leiviska 1030
14 15 Aaron Gossage 1034
15 17 Ezra Aderhold 1033
16 18 Ezra Robinson 1023
17 19 Ty Love 1021
18 20 Alden Harris 1032
19 21 Corey Ellis 1033
20 23 Silas Schultz 1026
21 24 Adam Hammes 1029
22 25 Mason Ford 1030
23 26 Kevin Jones 1028
24 28 Cole Redalen 1030
25 30 James Conrad 1032
26 31 Garrett Gurthie 1030
Defending champ, Bradley Williams is off in Europe, winning DGPT events on another continent.