FPO Ranking for KCWO

This is the fantasy relevant, event ranking for the upcoming Kansas City Wide Open. KCWO plays as a Silver event, in Missouri. This is same ranking order as our standard list, but the following is only for players registered at the upcoming event.

Event rankings were supposed to be getting a nice addition during this update. More players being added! AF was looking forward to coming up with the extended rankings for FPO. Only to realize we have 3 less FPO than the other event rankings, that came before this one. Silver events can lack the deep fields that many Elite events attract.

And more players may drop from the tournament. As it stands, the top 11 get 80+ SkipAce points, for those of you doing Silver events as part of a re-draft league. For those playing season leagues, the list serves as 11 10 players, to be sure they are rostered.

If players do drop, AF will seek to update the list before the event. At time of publishing, this list was 11 deep, but may be shortened with any drops after this.  1 dropped after this initially published. There may be others!

The list is meant to be simple to understand, while colors do add a bit of layering. See our Color Guide for further explanation.

Another Color coding update. The event ranking for previous tournament (Preserve) utilized a color factor that isn’t part of this update, because the event history for KCWO is quite limited. Instead, the ratings color for each player is now narrowed to those playing in the event, and are ranked. Previously the rating colors were taking into consideration a larger list, and trying to convey player value. The previous event rankings had a broader scope than needed. Ratings are colored to depict player value within re-draft leagues. And that’s been updated and improved upon in this latest rendition.

Last updated: Thurs. late afternoon to reflect Mertsch dropping.

Order AF Rank FPO Player Rating
1 6 Holyn Handley 970
2 18 Ali Smith 940
3 20 Emily Beach 949
4 25 Deann Carey 942
5 29 Lisa Fajkus 950
6 30 Vanessa Van Dyken 944
7 33 Holly Finley 941
8 35 Hanna Huynh 940
9 48 Casey Pennington 907
10 50 Leah Tsinajinnie 911