MPO Ranking for KCWO

This is the event ranking for the upcoming Kansas City Wide Open, a Silver event, in Missouri. This is same ranking order as our standard list, but the following list is only for players registered at the upcoming event.

New and improved! The event rankings are taking a step forward with these latest rankings, though it won’t be easy to tell as KCWO has less fantasy relevant players in the tournament field. Event rankings will now be extended from the previous version that went with 26 for MPO. The plan was to add in multiple tables correlating to SkipAce points, as top 26 for MPO, scores 150+ points in re-draft leagues. With KCWO, the list is much shorter compared to what extended rankings at Elite or Major event might be. And with players dropping from the event before it starts, this latest event ranking might be less than recent event rankings. Still, extended rankings have to start somewhere, and this made for easier management.

If players from this list drop, AF will seek to update the list before the event. At time of publishing, this list was 28 deep, but may be shortened with any drops after this.

The list is meant to be simple to understand, while colors do add a bit of layering. See our Color Guide for further explanation.

Another Color coding update. The event ranking for previous tournament (Preserve) utilized a color factor that isn’t part of this update, because the event history for KCWO is quite limited. Instead, the ratings color for each player is now narrowed to those playing in the event, and are ranked. Previously the rating colors were taking into consideration a larger list, and trying to convey player value. The previous event rankings had a broader scope than needed. Ratings are colored to depict player value within re-draft leagues. And that’s been updated and improved upon in this latest rendition.

Last updated: early Friday morning to reflect drops by Isaac, Alden, and Carter. Event ranking is now at 20 players.

Order AF Rank MPO Player Rating
1 5 Gannon Buhr 1043
2 10 Matt Orum 1040
3 19 Cole Redalen 1030
4 20 Ty Love 1021
5 28 Andrew Presnell 1029
6 32 Ben Callaway 1026
7 38 Chris Clemons 1027
8 41 Robert Burridge 1022
9 43 Emerson Keith 1020
10 44 Chandler Kramer 1021
11 46 Tipton Sullivan 1030
12 51 Evan Scott 1021
13 60 Jake Hebenheimer 1015
14 63 Parker Welck 1010
15 64 Mason Marchbanks 1017
16 68 Jake Monn 1013
17 72 Kevin Kiefer 1016
18 73 Freddy Meza 1010
19 75 Paul Ulibari 1016
20 79 GT Hancock 1007
Presnell has played KCWO 5 times in past 5 years. Hebenheimer has played there 4 times in past 5 years. Most of the field is either playing it for their first time, or second time.