FPO Ranking for PCS Open

Top 10 FPO fantasy rankings for the upcoming Elite event. The field for the event is 21 players, that is very strong on top, and short on the bottom. It’s a fairly obvious top 10 as well, as it corresponds to updated ratings from this week.

Not listed – #11 and #12, Lykke Lorentzen and Lindsay Fish, can’t be counted out. Originally, the list was going to be capped at 8 for 110+ points in SkipAce points. Yet Anniken averages nearly 2nd place in the 3 times she’s played PCS in past 5 years. Taking first the last 2 years. Granted those weren’t elite pros playing for something on the line on the season, but still hard to count Anniken out.

AF didn’t realize until time of publication that our list is so simple it’s nearly same as rating order of the players, with just Heidi and Eveliina flip flopped. Though AF rankings were done before ratings update happened.

This list should’ve gone to 11, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Heal well Paige P.

Order AF Rank FPO Player Rating
1 1 Kristin Tattar 994
2 2 Missy Gannon 975
3 3 Catrina Allen 971
4 4 Ella Hansen 966
5 9 Henna Blomroos 967
6 11 Heidi Lane 952
7 17 Jessica Weese 954
8 18 Sarah Hokom 959
9 19 Eveliina Salonen 964
10 22 Anniken Steen 936