FPO Card Aug 25

Art’s Top 8 FPO Fantasy Rankings

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AFR Pro Player AFR Prev Rating 2023 Major Avg Last 3 EM Avg Next Up
1 Kristin Tattar 1 994 1.0 1.3 Worlds
2 Ohn Scoggins 2 982 2nd 1.7 Worlds
3 Missy Gannon 3 978 10.0 3.0 Worlds
4 Holyn Handley 4 971 6th 4.7 Worlds
5 Ella Hansen 5 965 8.0 7.0 Worlds
6 Heidi Lane 6 958 10.0 5.0 Worlds
7 Jen Allen 8 956 NA 8.3 Worlds
8 Henna Blomroos 10 965 8.5 8.7 Worlds
Top 6 remain unchanged after DGLO. Ohn's victory at DGLO solidifies her for 2nd even more. Ella took 2nd, yet her Worlds data isn't as favorable as those ranked ahead of her. Holyn is playing 4th best over the last 3 events. Heidi is 5th best over her last 3, entering Worlds. She hasn't played but 3 Elite events, yet has averaged 10th place in her 2 majors, including 2nd at European Open. Jen Allen and Henna rise into top 8 for upcoming Worlds.
Last 3 EM avg is pertaining to each player's previous 3 Elite + Major events played. As usual some color on that column is better than no color at all.
Major averages and colors are based on those who have played in the 2 Majors in 2023, including Champions Cup (blue) and European Open. If player has played both Majors, it is light green. There is no ranked FPO player who has played the European Open only. Half have played both Majors, 6 have played only Champions Cup, and 2 (that are NA) have not played a Major yet this season.

Next 7 FPO Fantasy Rankings

AFR Pro Player AFR Prev Rating 2023 Major Avg Last 3 EM Avg Next Up
9 Sarah Hokom 7 963 6.5 5.7 Worlds
10 Hailey King 15 974 T3rd 8.7 Worlds
11 Kat Mertsch 13 965 T3rd 11.0 Worlds
12 Paige Pierce 12 971 29th 7.0 TBD
13 Catrina Allen 9 968 3.0 28.3 Worlds
14 Macie Velediaz 11 958 T13th 13.7 Worlds
15 Valerie Mandujano 14 959 NA 15.7 Worlds
Catrina dropped the most in this week's update, but the 2 time World Champ with 2023 Major average of 3rd place, heading into Worlds makes it hard to rank her too low. Hailey rises the most this week, among the top 15 with her tendency to rise at Major events. The mid green color on her rating suggests her value is still low for fantasy, but strong enough to not rule her out as top 10 for FPO Worlds. The Power Ranking page below provides additional perspective.
Worlds+ Power Rankings
12th ranked Pierce is most well known FPO name in the field, and will be sadly missed at Worlds, being a 5 time Champion. Please get well soon Paige.