Our Latest Recipes (Nostalgia)

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Baked Fudge

  • Ingredients:
    • 10 fresh data points
    • 2 cups of instinct
    • 3 dozen FPO considerations (fresh)
    • 2 tablespoons of well stored time
    • 1.5 cups of sweltering analysis
    • 5 dozen MPO considerations (fresh)
    • 1/4th a teaspoon of guesswork
  • Directions:
    • With a large bowl, mix entire batch of considerations, instinct and analysis, until slightly firm
    • Combine data points and sprinkle with guesswork
    • Fold in well stored time, for good measure
    • Pour onto large spreadsheet
    • Bake at 360 degrees, until excellent consistency is attained
    • Best when chilled overnight
  • Serves: the many Super Fans of Elite Pro Disc Golf

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Art highly appreciates the pro disc golf media contributors who have come before AF. And great respect for the many contributors hard at work in 2022. AF is thoroughly excited to help elevate fan appreciation, of elite pro disc golfers, as well as the venues on the pro tour.

Art recognizes the market is booming, with a potential that is undeniably exciting. The FPO and MPO fields for 2022 are enticing. AF intends to capture player rankings and easily digestible values, from a fantasy disc golf perspective.

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