Added Lists (Nostalgia): Pre-Champions

As well as Post-Tallahassee

This page will one day, soon be for paid subscribers, as are extended rankings, outside the top 10 for MPO and top 7 for FPO. Since we are recently launched, you may enjoy these lists freely, for awhile longer. These added lists will arrive weekly, and are meant to entertain and inform. Enjoy!

Best MPO
Average Finishes
at Majors in 2021

1Paul McBeth2nd
2Nate Sexton4th
3Chris Dickerson5th
4Ricky Wysocki5th
4Kyle Klein5th
6Eagle McMahon9th
7James Conrad11th
8Matt Orum13th
8Joel Freeman13th
10Ezra Aderhold14th
All players on this list played
in both Worlds and USDGC

Best FPO
Average Finishes
at Majors+ in 2021

1Hailey King3rd
2Paige Pierce4th
2Missy Gannon4th
4Catrina Allen6th
5Ohn Scoggins10th
6Jessica Weese10th
7Kona Panis11th
8Holly Finley13th
9Lisa Fajkus13th
10Madison Walker14th
All players on this list played in
USWDGC, Worlds, and Throw Pink
The “plus” is for Throw Pink
Which wasn’t technically a major

Top 7 MPO Players
Rated 1010 or Lower

53Zach Melton1010
66Gavin Babcock1010
68Clay Edwards1004
70Tristan Tanner1007
73Chandler Kramer1008
75Nate Perkins1005
78Nicholas Carl1007
All are registered for Champions Cup
When salary rating is capped at 6000
These players can help round out
Your picks. Top 69 or better is
All they need to do.

Best Value / Sleeper Picks
For FPO – Champions Cup

6Missy G.960
13Sarah H.958
25Vanessa V.934
29Aria C.915
Art goes out on a limb
Values with good payoffs

Value means most bang (points) for your buck (salary rating).

  • Missy’s numbers suggest 6th or better so 150+ points. Don’t be surprised if she earns 200+ fantasy points.
  • Sarah’s early woes in 2022 could turn around in GA. She did great at Majors in 2021 and is T1 for average finish at WRJ in past 5 years. Art says she’ll get 130+ fantasy points.
  • Weese is great middle of the road option. 90+ points from her is likely.
  • Vanessa, Madison and Aria may not get you 50+ points, yet in a field where 17 players will score negative fantasy points, these 3 are most likely low end options to not lose you points.

Best Value / Sleeper Picks
For MPO – Champions Cup

4Luke H.1020
5 MJ1017
Way way out on a limb
Top and Bottom Heavy

  • McBeth is looking so good for Champions, Art says 225+ points is likely. His Majors average from 2021 and WRJ average are unsurpassed.
  • Conrad and Freeman are top heavy hitters who look to net fantasy owners 180+ in points.
  • Humphries and MJ numbers suggest top 30 finishes on this type of stage. So 160+ points from each.
  • Melton is the sleeper, but he’s played WRJ well in the past and finished 28th at USDGC at end of 2021. Art says he’ll get 120+ fantasy points at Champions.

Biggest Rating Changes
As of The April 12th Update

Up is down, down is up. Going up in ratings is a great thing for all PDGA members, at any level. It’s a sign of hard work, and great play being reflected in how the player rates within their field, or division. It’s very easy to be happy when pro players are receiving huge bumps in their rating. Who doesn’t love to see that happen?

Fantasy owners, that’s who. Funny, but accurate. Players going down in ratings is, at first glance, unpleasant. Until it’s time to pick a fantasy team. Suddenly a star player is underrated. And while the struggle may be real, so is the inevitable bounce back for these caliber of players. When they are hot again, fantasy managers love picking them for as long as the low rating train lasts.

fpo player+/- Changerating
Aria C. +13915
Kat M.+9940
Stacie H.+8922
Raven K.+7903
Paige S. -8918
Erika S.-8923
Sarah H.-7958
Tiger B.-7900
Aria had biggest change
Of anyone MPO or FPO
Aaron G.+81026
Anthony B.+51032
Jake H.+51005
Luukas R. -81014
Linus C. -71028
Mason F.-61028
Vaino M.-51022
Vince P.-51003
Linus, Mason, Vaino and Vince
Are yet to score neg points
in any fantasy relevant events
they’ve played in 2022