Added Lists (Nostalgia): Pre-Idlewild

Also Post-USWDGC

This page will one day, soon be for paid subscribers, as are extended rankings, outside the top 10 for MPO and top 7 for FPO. Since we are recently launched, you may enjoy these lists freely, for awhile longer. These added lists will arrive frequently, and are meant to entertain and inform. Enjoy!

Art’s Power Rankings – Early July 2022

This is first time AF is publishing power rankings, and perhaps first time in disc golf media such a ranking list has been published. As most weekly draft fantasy leagues entail drafting MPO and FPO players, and salary cap is based on selecting picks from both divisions, then AF seeks to present the top 25 for both divisions as if it were one list. This is another way in which AF is focussing on player value, rather than merely ranking elite pros.

This is a work in progress and is looking to be updated monthly, for now. The first list are the top tier players who are most likely to net top fantasy points, according to data AF tracks. The second list is players on the next tier down, and is cut off at top 25, even while there are more players (MPO and FPO) that appear on that list. Primary intent is to convey which players in either division have the highest value currently, and most likely to earn top points in fantasy disc golf.

1Kristin TattarFPO983
2Ricky WysockiMPO1051
3Catrina AllenFPO972
4Chris DickersonMPO1044
5Simon LizotteMPO1041
6Paige PierceFPO977
7Calvin HeimburgMPO1042
8Gannon BuhrMPO1039
9Valerie MandujanoFPO971
10Paul McBethMPO1045
11Joel FreemanMPO1034
Updated to reflect ratings update from July 12th

12Missy GannonFPO964
13Ohn ScogginsFPO969
14Isaac RobinsonMPO1031
15Kyle KleinMPO1038
16Henna BlomroosFPO964
17Matt OrumMPO1044
18Jen AllenFPO956
19James ConradMPO1039
20Ella HansenFPO950
21Drew GibsonMPO1034
22Eveliina SalonenFPO967
23Hailey KingFPO970
24Nikko LocastroMPO1031
25Holyn HandleyFPO946

Top 10 FPO in past 5 years
Avg Finish at Idlewild

1Paige Pierce – DC<2nd5
2Sarah Hokom>3rd5
3Catrina Allen>4th5
4Jessica Weese<7th5
5Madison Walker7th3
6Ellen Widboom<8th3
7Heather Young8th3
8Alexis Mandujano8th2
9Lisa Fajkus>8th4
10Holly Finley<9th4
DC = Defending Champ

Top 10 MPO in past 5 years
Avg Finish at Idlewild

1Paul McBeth<4th4
2Joel Freeman5th2
3Kyle Klein – DC7th2
4Ezra Robinson<9th2
5Chris Dickerson>10th5
6Andrew Marwede<11th3
7James Conrad<15th5
8Adam Hammes>14th3
9Matt Orum15th2
9Jeremy Koling>15th3