Added Lists (Nostalgia): Pre-LVC

This page is no longer readily available on the site and is kept purely for nostalgia or for any paid subscriber who may wish to look at what was the first added list on

Top 5 MPO rated 1015 or lower

AF RankMPO PlayerRating
62Luke Humphries1013
66Ty Love1009
68Silver Laat1007
71Connor O’Reilly1014
72 Zach Melton1010
AF rankings listed here are from end of 2021 season
About This List
  • Ty Love is only player on this list not playing LVC
  • After LVC 2022, these players rankings are destined to change, hopefully for the better
  • Silver Laat is playing LVC for his first time ever, in 2022
  • Luke Humphries has played LVC the best over past 5 years of players on this list

Top 5 FPO rated 936 or lower

AF RankFPO PlayerRating
15Stephanie Vincent936
18Madison Walker933
19Deann Carey934
20Maria Oliva933
24Holyn Handley935
AF rankings listed here are from end of 2021 season
About This List
  • Stephanie is only player on this list, not playing LVC
  • Madison ranks among top 10 of all FPO players for best results at LVC in past 5 years
  • Deann, Maria, and Holyn are all playing LVC for their 2nd time in past 5 years. Of the three, Maria has best finish (14th).

Top 5 Hottest FPO Rounds at LVC – past 3 years

orderFPO playerScorewhen & when
1Paige Pierce522021 – Round 1
2Sarah Hokom532019 – Round 1
3Eveliina Salonen542020 – Round 1
4Paige Shue542019 – Round 1
5Jen Allen552019 – Round 3
Hot Round Notes
  • Factors like different weather, different layouts and rules year to year, do influence this type of data.
  • Based on the numbers, this list is accurate
  • Originally AF searched over last 5 years, but the data on this list fits that criteria

Top 5 Hottest MPO Rounds at LVC – past 3 years

OrderMpo playerscorewhen & when
1Anthony Barela442019 – Round 1
2Nate Sexton452021 – Round 1
3Ezra Aderhold462021 – Round 2
4Dustin Keegan462019 – Round 3
5Eagle McMahon462019 – Round 4
True Art never repeats itself

Which means go read the FPO notes for the info pertaining to this MPO list. Exact same thing.