Added Lists (Nostalgia): Pre-Memorial

As well as Post-LVC

This page is no longer readily available on the site and is kept purely for nostalgia or for any paid subscriber who may wish to look at what was the second added list on

FPO Ranking Comparison – Top 10

1Catrina Allen2412
2Paige Pierce1221
3Kristin Tattar3135
4Hailey King4543
5Sarah Hokom58216
6Missy Gannon6774
7Ohn Scoggins7121810
8Valerie Mandujano81015
9Heather Young9152313
10Kona Panis109299
Through results of LVC
About This List
  • UDR = UDisc Rank
  • DGPT Ranking based on points toward 2022 Standings
  • PDGA Rankings are the only ones listed here not updated after LVC
  • Notable players such as Eveliina Salonen and Henra Blomroos are not included in AF Rankings yet, but will be as the season progresses.

MPO Ranking Comparison – 20th thru 29th

20Garrett Gurthie19251626
21Bradley Williams23222632
22Jeremy Koling26353427
23Chris Clemmons24385321
24Thomas Gilbert32361024
25Ezra Aderhold27311211
26Andrew Presnell31212640
27Luukas Rokkanen2859
28Vaino Makela2914
29Paul Ulibari34384119
Updated through results of LVC
About This List

  • See FPO list above for what certain abbreviations mean
  • Gannon Buhr was previously behind Double G, but is now top 15
  • Lots of contrast between the other ranking lists
  • AF emphasizes fantasy values for why players are ranked as they are, which tends to change weekly.

MPO and FPO Players Searching For A Win

ARFPO PlayerLast big win
7Ohn ScogginsMemorial – March 2021
5Sarah HokomVintage – April 2021
9Heather YoungMAO – April 2021
Ohn does have two victories in 2022, both B-Tier
ARMPO PlayerLast Big Win
9Kevin JonesDGPT Champ – Oct. 2020
5Eagle McMahonGLO – July 2021
12James ConradWorlds – June 2021
KJ does have one C-Tier victory in 2022, beating TD Luke Humphries