Added Lists (Nostalgia): Pre-OTB Open

As well as Post-Masters Cup

This page will one day, soon be for paid subscribers, as are extended rankings, outside the top 10 for MPO and top 7 for FPO. Since we are recently launched, you may enjoy these lists freely, for awhile longer. These added lists will arrive frequently, and are meant to entertain and inform. Enjoy!

FPO Best Rounds in Recent Events

Catrina Allen54Masters – R1DeLa OG2nd
Sarah Hokom53Masters – R3DeLa Golf1st
Catrina Allen53Masters – R3DeLa Golf2nd
Ohn Scoggins61Goat Hill – R2Goat Hill Park1st
Holly Finley56Rumble – R1Cam Park 21st
Sarah Gilpin56Rumble – R3Cam Park 22nd
Sarah Gilpin65Rumble – R2West Lake2nd
Rebecca Cox58303 – R3Ultra DG Park1st

MPO Best Rounds in Recent Events

Andrew Miranda45Masters – R2DeLa OG7th
Matt Orum48Masters – R3DeLa Golf2nd
Ben Callaway48Masters – R3DeLa Golf25th
Alden Harris55Goat Hill – R2Goat Hill Park1st
Danny Beauchamp50Rumble – R1Cam Park 25th
Andrew Presnell50Rumble – R3Cam Park 21st
Andy Wacha53Rumble – R2West Lake7th
Dan Schlitter53Rumble – R2 West Lake8th
Kyle Klein48303 – R1Ultra DG Park1st