Added Lists (Nostalgia) – Pre-Waco

As well as Post-Memorial

Congratulations on finding this semi-hidden page. This area is for paid subscribers, as are extended rankings, outside the top 10 for MPO and top 7 for FPO. Since we are recently launched, you may enjoy these lists freely, for at least a little while. These added lists will arrive weekly, and are meant to entertain and inform. Enjoy!

Top 5 FPO – End of 2021 – Elite Series Average

orderFPO playerAF Rank now
1Catrina Allen1
2Paige Pierce2
3Hailey King4
4Sarah Hokom6
5Missy Gannon7
Minimum of 5 Elite Events to Qualify
The Best in FPO Have Only Gotten Better

If this list was instead a minimum of 3 to qualify, Kristin Tattar would sit comfortably on top, nearly 2 places ahead of Paige and Cat (who are virtually tied). UDisc has Tattar ranked #1, and it’s hard to argue against that going into Waco Open.

Top 7 in FPO all have it within them to take 1st place in any tournament coming up this year. The field is getting much stronger, with more parity. The top 25 for FPO going into 2022 is one of the more interesting sports stories, perhaps of the decade.

Top 5 MPO – End of 2021 – Elite Series Average

OrderMPO PlayerAf Rank now
1Ricky Wysocki1
2Paul McBeth2
3Calvin Heimburg4
4Eagle McMahon5
5Chris Dickerson3
Min. of 5 Elite Events to Qualify
How Good was Ricky in 2021?

Of the top 10 MPO last year, Ricky was the only one to not play in a strictly A tier event. He played in 1 B-tier, 3 Silver Series, and the rest Elite or Major tournaments. He had by far the best records among the top 10, even excluding the B tier event. Most wins (6), best average finish for Elite Series (4th place, and 2 better than McBeth), plus the most top 5 finishes (17).

Top 10 FPO At Waco Open Over Past 5 Years

OrderFPO PlayerRatingTier
2C. Allen9711
7Lisa F.9473
10S. Vincent9363
Data is from 2017 through 2021
About This List
  • Minimum of 2 finishes since 2017 to qualify
  • Tier references how high up the player has traditionally finished at Waco. The 2 lowest on this list, Missy and Stephanie, have average finishes of 9th place over past 5 years.
  • Ratings have been updated since the March 8th update.
  • While Kona is the 2021 defending champion, she is still 2nd tier when compared to likes of Hokom and Cat.
  • This list combined with player rankings ought to help make fantasy picks for Waco, more informed. At least that’s AF’s intention.

Top 10 MPO at Waco Open Over Past 5 Years

OrderMPO PlayerRatingTier
3A. Hoop10242
4B. Williams10313
10Double G10305
Data is from 2017 through 2021
About This List
  • Min. of 2 finishes to qualify
  • Tier is similar to FPO rationale, but for MPO, the lowest is Gurthie who has average finish of 18th place over past 5 years
  • While Nikko is 2021 defending champion, he would come in 14th on this type of list.

Cautionary Tales for Waco Open

FPO playerratingAVg fin
Alexis M.94517th
Erika S.93119th
K. Mertsch93125th
Each has played twice in past 5 years
MPO PlayerRatingAvg Fin
Brodie has played twice, the others 3+ times