DGPT Championship Rankings Further Explained

Art’s Fudge rankings are often layered with additional information. This provides details relating to the player’s value and historical performance for upcoming events. Or the type of information a fantasy disc golf participant may find interesting, and relevant for fantasy league play.

With the DGPT Championship (DGPTC) rankings, the AF colorizing is very noticeable. It’s also explaining a whole lot of information, once you understand the color scheme. This page further explains the colorizing found on both MPO and FPO event rankings.

First things first. All previous event rankings on Art’s Fudge, began with an “Order” column that was simple sequential numbering for the list, in order matching AF rankings. The DGPT lists do not have this. Instead, the 4th column titled, “AF Adj.” for Art’s Fudge Adjusted event rankings is convey the order AF predicts the results of the event will be. This ranking is a combination of the other columns data. Players getting extra strokes to start the event, significantly influenced the adjusted ranking order.

Here are the details for the other columns:

  • AF Rank column – color here depicts tier player is on from standard rankings. Tiers relate to points breakdown in SkipAce fantasy leagues, re-draft with ratings as salary cap. The tiers depict point range each player is within after the most recent event (USDGC / Throw Pink).
    • FPO list goes to tier 4 for 20 total players, while MPO has a player from its 8th tier. That tier is for players averaging 50th place or worse. Thing is, the worst finish at the DGPTC will be 32nd place, or equivalent to 5th tier for MPO in typical events. For FPO, 20th is the worst possible finish, which is on lower end of its 4th tier.
  • Player name column – color here is conveying more detail than previous event rankings, to reflect the tighter fields of DGPTC. This column is depicting the player’s history at the DGPTC in past 5 years.
    • yellow background = player is averaging top 4 finish in past 5 years
    • gold background (bg) = player is averaging 5th thru 8th place finish
    • bronze bg = 9th the 12th place finish
    • light green bg = 13th thru 20th place (MPO only)
    • light red bg = 21st or worst place (MPO only)
    • green lettering on name means they finished top 4 at 2022 DGPTC
    • gold lettering means top 8 finish in 2022
    • orange lettering = top 12 finish in 2022
    • red lettering = first time playing in past 5 years
    • purple lettering = outside top 12 (FPO) or outside top 20 (MPO) in 2022
    • blue lettering = 2022 finish was at least a tier lower than their 5 year avg
  • DGPT Seed column – color here is indicating who is getting strokes due to their seeding and who is starting with zero strokes (gray background)
    • Yellow for top seed = minus 6 (MPO) or minus 5 (FPO)
    • Gold for 2nd seed = -5 (MPO) or -4 (FPO)
    • Bronze for 3 and 4 seeds = -4 (MPO) or -3 (FPO)
    • Light green for seeds 5 thru 8 = -3 (MPO) or -2 (FPO)
    • Medium green
      • Seeds 9 thru 16 for MPO = -2
      • Seeds 9 thru 12 for FPO = -1
        • FPO seeds 13th or lower get 0 strokes (silver)
    • Dark green for seeds 17 thru 24 in MPO only = -1
      • MPO seeds 25th or lower get 0 strokes (silver)
  • Rating column – color depicts event value relative to player rating, and how that ranks among AF ranked players playing DGPTC. For this caliber of event, all players are in the top of AF rankings. The lowest event ranking for rating is 20th for FPO and 32nd for MPO, which means deviations from rating ranking is more pronounced.
    • yellow, gold and bronze are all very good to great fantasy value
    • light green = player’s rating and ranking are aligned – medium / solid value
    • darker greens are all representing poorer levels of player value
    • silver = the value at their event ranking is as poor as AF cares to depict
  • 2023 Place column – Let it be known that AF chooses to break ALL ties for this event, based on player seed entering it. With that said, the background color for each player in this column, along with green lettering is saying:
    • yellow = AF adjusted column (AF prediction) matches how they placed
    • gold = AF was one off from place they finished vs. predicted finish
    • bronze = AF was 2 places off with its prediction
    • green letter = any player finishing in top 4 of the event