Major Averages 2023

This is the first and only page on Art’s Fudge (AF) for Major events in 2023, and player averages at those tournaments. Prior to Worlds it was just 2 events that not everyone had played (both). The ranking order for the following lists is fudged by giving added weight to those who have played in more events. That order may change with a few Majors yet to be played.

This page will be updated as the final three (yes, 3) majors of the 2023 season occur. AF considers Throw Pink a de facto Major event for FPO, given strength of field and it playing on same course at same time as the MPO Major, USDGC. So MPO has 1 more major event, and FPO has 2 left in the season.

Here’s a semi brief color guide.

  • Order and Player columns are neutral colors
  • Columns for event places (through Worlds) are reflecting top 5 finishers at the tournament
  • Columns for USDGC, USWDGC and Throw Pink are upcoming events, and colors are indicating historical performance at the event, in past 5 years.
    • Light yellow (i.e. Ricky) averages top 5 in MPO, top 3 in FPO
    • Gold averages top 10 MPO, top 8 FPO
    • Bronze averages top 20 MPO, top 14 FPO
    • Light green is top 30 MPO, top 22 FPO
    • Dark green is for those who average worse than top 30 / 22.
    • TBD -red- means it’s their first time playing
    • TBD -green- means top 3 FPO the only time they played in past 5 years
    • TBD -gold- for top 8 FPO their only time
    • TBD -orange- for top 14 FPO
    • TBD -purple- worse than top 25 FPO
  • M (for Major) Avg column is colorizing the tier their average holds, following same logic in the above numbers
  • The events along header row are colorized based on strength of field, yellow being strongest and (dark) green being weakest. For MPO, Worlds is strongest field, and for FPO it’s USWDGC.

MPO Top 10

Order MPO Player Champs Place EurO Place Worlds Place USDGC Place 2023 M Avg
1 Isaac Robinson 1st 12th 1st 3rd 4.3
2 Eagle McMahon 2nd 4th 3rd 9th 4.5
3 Kyle Klein 18th 2nd 6th 1st 6.8
4 Calvin Heimburg 16th 4th 5th 5th 7.5
5 Matt Orum 5th 15th 3rd 12th 8.8
6 Simon Lizotte 13th - 11th 3rd 9.0
7 Ricky Wysocki - 6th 12th 11th 9.7
8 Chris Dickerson 11th 8th 9th 20th 12.0
9 Niklas Anttila 2nd 23rd 19th 7th 12.8
10 Chris Clemons 7th - 20th 9th 12.0
Going into USDGC, Anthony Barela was 3rd on this list, and Gannon Buhr was 4th. Both dropped out of top 10 after USDGC. Barela is now tied for 12th best Major average in 2023, and Buhr is solo 11th. As a reminder, Buhr was defending champion of USDGC in 2022, and Barela took 2nd at 2023 Worlds.

FPO Top 10

Order FPO Player Champs Place EurO Place Worlds Place USWDGC Place Throw Pink Place 2023 M Avg
1 Kristin Tatar 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd 1.2
2 Henna Blomroos 8th 9th 4th 3rd 3rd 5.4
3 Holyn Handley 6th - 3rd 11th 1st 5.3
4 Missy Gannon 17th 3rd 2nd 8th 6th 7.2
5 Hailey King 3rd - 13th 4th 9th 7.3
6 Eveliina Salonen 21st 12th 4th 4th 3rd 8.8
7 Jessica Weese 7th 9th 14th 6th 9.0
8 Ella Hansen 10th 6th 14th 23rd 5th 11.6
9 Valerie Mandujano - - 7th 7th 16th 10.0
10 Macie Velediaz 13th - 7th 17th 16th 13.3