Power Rankings – Late Nov 2022

5th installment of Art’s fantasy power rankings for elite pro disc golf. 2022 schedule is winding down, but some on this list are still playing in A tier events this season. This list again comes with 2 key data points, both different from October Power Rankings. This time it’s last 5 events average, which is any ES or Major event the player on list has played over their last 5 completed. The other column shows how many top 7 finishes in 2022, the player has (for FPO) or top 20 finishes (for MPO), followed by total amount of events the player played in 2022, that were A tier or higher.  

Fantasy power rankings intentionally combine FPO with MPO to get clearer picture of top tiered elite fantasy picks, based on key values, that coincide with fantasy points in standard leagues. Art’s preference is to let the data speak for itself. 

There will be one more installment of Power Rankings in 2022, intended to provide end of season summary of the top 25. This November installment is heavily weighted according to each player’s last 5 events, average finish.

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Top Tier

1K. Tattar – F11.418/19988 (0)
AF is making it abundantly clear that in 2022, Kristin Tattar was on a tier all by herself

Tier 2

2P. McBeth – M43.423/241049 (0)
3O. Scoggins – F35.219*/23975 (0)
4R. Wysocki – M75.218/191047 (0)
5G. Buhr – M25.422/241043 (0)
6H. Blomroos – F105.411/15969 (0)
7M. Gannon – F66.013/20971 (0)
8E. Salonen – F96.412/17970 (0)
9H. Handley – F136.612/22960 (0)
10C. Heimburg – M1111.020/201041 (0)
None in the top 10 had changes to their ratings in November
Ohn Scoggins has the most top 7 finishes in all of FPO

Tier 3

11P. Pierce – F49.015/20973 (0)
12I. Robinson – M2010.815/211033 (0)
13M. Orum – M1211.419/211040 (-2)
14C. Allen – F810.818/23968 (0)
15J. Freeman – M1912.225*/31*1037 (0)
16N. Ryan – Fnew9.08/22960 (+2)
17S. Hokom – F1710.69/22962 (+1)
18K. Klein – M1812.818/241039 (0)
19E. Hansen – F1611.010/25957 (0)
20V. Mandujano – F1412.013/21969 (0)
21C. Dickerson – M1515.218/191044 (+1)
Joel Freeman has played in more A tier events than any MPO player in 2022
He also has the most top 20 finishes in the MPO field

Tier 4

22K. Mertsch – F2414.611/26961 (+2)
23N. Anttila – M2219.416/211029 (0)
24J. Conrad – M2522.217/211033 (0)
25M. Velediaz – Fnew16.08/17959 (+2)
Maria Oliva & Holly Finley (not listed) have played in
the most events for FPO in 2022,
having played 31 A tier or higher events.