USWDGC Rankings – Further Explained

Art’s Fudge rankings are often layered with additional information. This provides details relating to the player’s value and historical performance for upcoming events. Or the type of information a fantasy disc golf participant may find interesting, and relevant for fantasy league play.

The WDGC list has several layers that deserve being peeled back and explored briefly.

Here are summary notes on coloring for this particular list:

  • Order column – neutral color, simply conveys order for the list
  • AF Rank column – color here depicts tier player is on from standard rankings. Tier 6 players are the lowest on this list, averaging minus 50 to minus 90 SkipAce points in 2023. 
    • Tier 1 (Tattar only) averages 1st to 3rd place. Tattar is virtually at 2nd place on the season.
    • Tier 2 avg = 4th to 8th, and 8th = +110 SkipAce points
    • Tier 3 avg = 9th to 14th = +50 points
    • Tier 4 avg = 15th to 22nd = 0 points
    • Tier 5 avg = 23rd to 25th = minus 30 points
    • Tier 6 avg = 26th to 28th
  • Player name column
    • green background = USWDGC average in past 5 years is 14th place or better
    • No background color on name means their average is 15th to 25th
    • light red background = average in past 5 years is 26th to 35th
    • darker red background = 36th to 45th
      • Fortunately no one on this list has a worst average than 45th place
    • Green lettering on name means they finished top 8 at 2022 USWDGC
    • Gold lettering means top 14 finish at 2022 WDGC
    • Red lettering means it’s their first time playing in past 5 years
  • Rating column – color depicts event value relative to player rating, and how that ranks among AF ranked players playing USWDGC. Ali Smith (yellow) rates among best fantasy values, while dark green (i.e. Alexis Mandujano) currently rates as low fantasy value.
    • yellow, gold and bronze are all very good to great fantasy value
    • light green = player’s rating and ranking are aligned – medium / solid value
    • darker greens are all representing poorer levels of player value
  • (New!) Finish at 2023 Event column – first time column existed was post USWDGC, and here are colors introduced then:
    • light green background = final place matches AF event ranking going in
    • green color number = finished among top 5 in FPO
    • magenta color number = player’s worst finish of 2023, at time of this event concluding
  • Additional notes
    • The USWDGC has played 4 times in the past 5 years, skipping 2020
    • Some player averages are based off of them playing the event just once in past 5 years. AF typically doesn’t consider 1 time a fair basis for averages, but did this time and those players are underlined on the list.
    • WDGC is the largest FPO field of 2023, and was largest in 2022 as well. For MPO, Worlds is always the largest field. 2023 Worlds for FPO had just under 80 that played, and 2023 WDGC has 90 registered.
      • Around 30 in the field are under 900 rated
      • Raven Klein at 929 rated is the lowest rated player on the event ranking list
    • There are 2 FPO players playing the event who have higher player rating than Raven, but are not ranked by AF. This includes Kaidi Allsalu and Morgan Lynds. Both have played fewer than 4 Elite or Major events in 2023. Morgan would not be on tier 6 or better if she were ranked, and Kaidi has only played European Open, where she finished 9th.