Worlds: Bonus Content

These are Added Lists going into, during and after the 2022 Pro World Championship event. The first 2 lists are ‘revisited’ from the 2022 Worlds profile, with added commentary relating to fantasy picks.

Top 20 MPO Average Finish
at Worlds Past 5 Years

1Paul McBeth<2nd4
2Ricky Wysocki<5th4
3Chris Dickerson<7th4
4Kevin Jones<7th3
5James Conrad – DC<8th4
6Cale Leiviska8th2
7Emerson Keith<9th2
8Nate Sexton10th3
9Cameron Colglazier<13th4
10Simon Lizotte>13th4
11Matt Orum>14th4
12Calvin Heimburg<15th4
13Chris Clemons<18th4
14Gregg Barsby<19th4
15Eagle McMahon>20th4
16Philo Brathwaite>20th3
17Paul Ulibarri>21st3
18Joel Freeman26th3
19Jeremy Koling<27th3
20James Proctor26th2
DC = Defending Champ
Minimum of 2 times played to
qualify for this list.
2017 thru 2021 event data

Top 6 Most Enticing Fantasy
Picks From List Above

In order (of most enticing)

Paul McBeth #1
  • Ranks 9th on AF Power rankings
  • Was as high as tied for 3rd in recent weekly rankings for MPO, heading into DMC.
  • Worst finish at past 4 Worlds is 2nd.
  • From 2019 through 2021, his average finish at Dynamic Discs Open was 1st place.
  • Inexplicably placed 51st at 2022 DDO. With recent results of DMC, he now has 4 (ES) events in 2022 not finishing in the top 10.
  • He tops the list above, plus in 2022 Majors, he’s tied with Calvin with average of just over 5th place, which is best among those who’ve played in Champs and European Open.
  • McBeth also finished 2nd at 2016 Worlds, in Emporia.
James Conrad #5 – Defending Champ
  • He’s 4th best on this list, if list had 4 events played to qualify.
  • His worst finish in past 5 years was 21st place in 2017. His next worst finish is 6th place in 2018, then 3rd in 2019.
  • James finished 36th place at 2016 Worlds in Emporia.
  • AF ranks Conrad in top 10 (MPO) for most recent weekly update, and at #21 on Power Rankings.
  • His recent finish at DMC, 29th place, is his worst finish of the 2022 season.
Cale Leviska #6
  • Cale has played Worlds just twice in past 4 events, and both times (2018 and 2021) he finished in 8th place.
  • At end of 2021 season, AF ranked Cale 11th on the season.
  • Cale did not play 2016 Worlds in Emporia. Nor did he play the 2022 DDO. In fact he’s played the event just once in past 5 years, and took 5th place.
Gregg Barsby #14
  • 2018 World Champion, and took 6th place at 2021 Worlds. With a 1029 rating, he has makings of a great sleeper pick.
  • In 2022, Gregg has taken 3rd at Texas State, 1st at PCS Sula, and 15th at Idlewild.
  • His major finishes for 2022: 22nd at Champions Cup and 20th at European Open.
  • At DDO over past 5 years, he’s averaging better than 33rd place.
Philo Brathwaite #16
  • Averaging just over 20th place in past 4 Worlds, playing in 3 of those, makes Philo an enticing pick for fantasy. That and his current 1013 rating.
  • His worst finish among those 3 is 21st place. The other two years, he took 20th.
Kevin Jones #4
  • At 4th on the list, in a near tie with Dickerson
  • Kevin’s worst finish in last 3 Worlds is 9th place (2018), which matches Ricky’s worst (9th in 2018) and 3 better than Chris (12th in 2018).
  • Kevin’s best finish is 4th, which he did at 2021 Worlds.
  • At DMC recently he finished 3rd. He also finished 3rd at this year’s DDO. Plus is 5th on list of best finishes at Dynamic Discs Open in past 5 years, and would be 2nd if that list held a 5 times played qualifier.
  • KJ is ranked 8th entering Worlds, on AF weekly rankings, and 19th on Power Rankings.

Top 15 FPO Average Finish 
at Worlds Past 5 Years
– Revisited-

1Paige Pierce<2nd4
2Catrina Allen – DC<4th4
3Sarah Hokom>5th4
4Lisa Fajkus>6th4
5Kristin Tattar>6th3
6Jessica Weese9th4
7Hailey King11th3
8Paige Shue<11th2
9Holly Finley<15th4
10Valerie Mandujano14th2
10Missy Gannon<15th3
12Madison Walker16th4
13Sarah Gilpin>18th3
14Erika Stinchcomb<22nd4
15Stephanie Vincent<22nd2
DC = Defending Champ
Minimum of 2 times played to
qualify for this list.

Top 5 Most Enticing Fantasy
Picks From List Above

In order (of most enticing)

Lisa Fajkus #4
  • With a rating (948), 30 points less than Tattar, Lisa is the most enticing on the list for fantasy picks, especially considering she’s in the top 5.
  • AF ranked her 15th on weekly update heading into Worlds.
  • She has 4th best average at DDO in past 5 years, coming in better than 7th place, although she didn’t play that ES event in 2022.
  • Lisa finished in 5th place at 2016 Worlds, in Emporia.
Paige Pierce #1
  • Like McBeth, her worst finish in past 5 years of Worlds, is 2nd place. Since 2016 Worlds, she’s developed a pattern of finishing 2nd every other year, and first the other years. If pattern holds true, she’ll win 1st this time around.
  • She is 1st on the best averages at Dynamic Discs Open in past 5 years, finishing just over 2nd place.
  • Paige ranks tied for 2nd in AF weekly updates, entering Worlds. And 3rd on AF’s latest Power Rankings.
  • Of the 3 majors before Worlds in 2022, Paige is averaging just better than 8th place.
Catrina Allen #2 – Defending Champ
  • 2nd on this list, tied for 2nd on weekly rankings entering Worlds, solo 2nd on AF Power Rankings.
  • Oh and she’s 2nd on best averages at DDO in past 5 years. If that list had 5 times played qualifier, Catrina would be #1, coming in just under 5th place.
  • Catrina has best average for majors in 2022 among those who have played in all 3, and 3rd best average among those who have played in at least 2 majors this season.
Madison Walker #12
  • Averaging 16th place in all 4 Worlds events in past 5 years is impressive for 940 rated player. Her player rating ranks her outside of top 25. For standard fantasy leagues, the difference between 16th and 25th place is 60 points in score.
  • Madison has 11th best average at DDO in past 5 years, coming in just over 9th place.
  • She finished 12th at 2016 Worlds, in Emporia.
  • And Madison recently took 1st at Skillshot contest, among a field of 11, at 2022 Pro Worlds.
Sarah Gilpin #13
  • According to this list, Sarah (933) holds best average at Worlds among FPO rated under 935. 18th to 19th place is still earning positive fantasy points in standard leagues.
  • In her last 2 World events, she’s averaging 16th place.
  • In August 2022, Sarah took 19th place at both Ledgestone and DMC.
  • And recently, she finished 1st at 2022 Pro Worlds Putting contest, among a field of 18 competitors for FPO.

FPO Box Score for Worlds

First time AF is attempting this.
Probably first time anyone has.
(On mobile, use landscape mode
to see full chart below.)

C. Allen2T31T816T1011363
AFR = AF Rank (going in)
RR = Rating rank for event
UR = UDisc Rank
PR = PDGA Rank

FPO Notes

Just 7 of the Best

Being the first time this has been done, AF went with top 7 for FPO on tracking across this type of box score during the event.

Round 1 comments
  • Catrina at 31st place is biggest surprise after R1. Still a long ways to go, and she’s just 6 strokes from top 10.
  • Paige and Catrina outside top 10 is hard to fathom, especially at the same time. Only UDisc had Catrina outside top 3. Yet that 31 is easily biggest number on the board, so far.
  • Tattar played awesome, or her usual game for 2022. She’s got four 1’s in her box score already.
  • Henna played incredible in R1 with just 1 bogey and 9 birdies. She played hole 18 to perfection.
  • Eveliina was only card that was bogey free. Her putting wasn’t perfect, but if it was, she’d probably be T1.
  • Ella (3rd place) and Jen (T4th) round out the top 4 and make for a fantastic lead card going into R2, with lots of distance throwers. AFR for Ella was 13, and for Jen T11.
  • Juliana (T6th) and Hailey (T9th) after R1 is intriguing for AF. Going in, AFR was 18th for Korver and T16th for King. Both being top 10 early is not a surprise to AF, as both have been there before, many times.
R2 and R3 comments
  • AF Top 7 are not the only story for Worlds. Very exciting, highly competitive battle, with the entire field just past the halfway point.
  • Tattar’s score makes it easy to follow along, and she’s playing near perfect.
  • 5 of the top 7 are placed 7th or better through R3.
  • After R2, five of the 7 stayed the same or improved, while Salonen and Blomroos dropped a few spots.
  • After R3, Salonen and Blomroos were the only 2 who improved, with Henna moving all the way into T1!
  • Holyn Handley (AFR 11) went from 8th, after R2, to tying best round in R3, and onto lead card heading into R4.
  • Valerie M. (AFR 8) made similar jump up from 8th to 5th after R3.
  • Lots of exciting story lines playing out, makes for fantastic 4th round coming up. Moving day. At Worlds.

MPO Box Score for Worlds

Top 10+

K. Jones8T31T50T24T37T2810119

MPO Notes

Round 1 comments
  • AF chose to use UDisc for place of each player after R1, which was different from PDGA event page. The data was entered well after midnight on 8/31.
  • 2 different courses for many in the field made for tough accounting or fair comparisons
  • Eagle was one of 5 dimes (neg 10) in R1, all shot at S18, and were each 3 strokes from the lead
  • Congrats to Tristan Tanner in R1, shooting a stellar neg 13 at ECC. Going into Worlds, AF ranked Tristan at 76th, his rating rank was 107th, UDisc had him at 89th, and PDGA ranked him at 71st. PDGA ranking knows what’s up.
  • AF wants to act surprised by Lizotte, Conrad, Wysocki and Buhr (in that order) with how they placed after R1. But AF is reminded there’s a long ways to go.
R2 and R3 comments
  • The Conrad and Lizotte storylines through R3, is perhaps most intriguing item on the box score. Still in striking distance and at point of magical things need to happen, still can happen, for those two (particularly) to do wondrous things during B9 – R5.
  • Similarly, McMahon, K. Jones and Dickerson are better positioned to make it less magical, yet still incredible if they come back to win. No one is ruling them out at this point.
  • The remaining 6 are placed 14th or better, and likely to be focus of R4 battle. Would seem quite likely Ricky and Buhr are improving their final place from R3 standing. And with McBeth having finished no worse than 2nd at Worlds, in past decade, it’s not leaving much room.
  • Especially with Tristan and Gossage (AFR 37) hanging around in T4th and T1st, respectively. Showing no signs of giving into monumental pressure of the event, and the title.
  • Gossage so far has the best line in the event:
    • R1: T2
    • R2: T1
    • R3: T1
  • And then there’s this lefty who’s gone: T16 – T6 – 3 over the first 3 rounds. That being Chris Clemons (AFR 13), and no surprise to most that he’s up there with the best.
  • Just like FPO, so many fantastic storylines playing out heading into R4. Been a great battle to follow, through first 3 rounds.