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About This Guide

This guide is intended for seasoned fantasy vets, or data nerd types.

This page is a work in progress. The nuances associated with making picks for fantasy disc golf, and potential strategies a participant might employ are elements that Art’s Fudge rather engage in passively. Maybe someday that changes, but for now the guide’s scope is limited.

Understanding Colors as Layers in Ranking Lists

The practice of colorizing ranking tables occurred to Art around July 2021, after AF took a bit of a deep dive into player values measured by ratings. As player ratings are a fundamental value for weekly re-draft leagues, Art discovered the ratings are depicting additional information within ranking lists. A fantasy ranking value.

Ratings column will always have color going forward on AF published rankings, as of 2023. The other columns in weekly rankings, may or may not add color. Our first publication in the Feb 21 cards, we added full color to ranking to MPO and FPO lists. This is currently the only way to link to this Advanced Guide.

In general, bright yellow indicates the best value or top consideration. And players cells that don’t have color, where others do in that column, that indicates they are not among top 5 to 10 in that category currently. After that, there is hierarchy in the color designations. In general, and apart from the Ratings column, some color is better than no color. The following guide is meant to help understand color in the instances it comes up on ranking lists.

Header Row Colors

The header row, across the top of ranking tables, the colors are rather incidental, but do hold some meaning. Usually columns like AFR or Next Up, conveying current, transient data – will be same color (probably light green). Player data that is standard fixture, i.e. their name and rating, will be same color, something neutral. Columns pertaining to past year stats will be some variation of purple color. This only pertains to header cells in ranking tables.

Player column, and the rows of each player with their name is only column where color is incidental, neutral and purely for design.

Rating Column Colors

This color means the player has top value given their rating and current AF ranking.
This color is 2nd tier, rating wise. Their value is great, but not top notch.
This color is 3rd tier. Very good value.
This color as 4th tier, might not be necessary but is those right on edge of where they ought to be, and better than that.
This color is for players showing up on rankings right at where their ratings would suggest they are
This color is 3rd and 4th tier reversed, so value not so good.
This color is 2nd tier in reverse, so value getting worse
AF hesitates going lower than this, and is rare a top 25 or so player is showing up with this silver color to indicate their value is as bad as it gets on AF scale

AFR Column Colors

this color reserved for top tier players, either division. Top 5 MPO, Top 3 FPO. Since AF has done rankings, no MPO player has stayed at this tier, while Tattar in 2022 (FPO) did.
2nd tier fantasy placement. 6th thru 11th MPO and 4th thru 8th FPO. Based on AF analysis.
3rd tier. For MPO this is 12th thru 20th, FPO is 9th thru 14th.
4th tier for MPO is 21st thru 26th, and 15th the 22nd for FPO.
Usually, AF publishes weekly rankings for MPO thru 4th tier. While FPO is thru 3rd tier only. The next colors are conceivably coming up on extended rankings for MPO.
5th tier for MPO is 27th thru 31st, and for FPO is 23rd thru 25th
6th tier for MPO = 32nd thru 40th, and FPO = 26th thru 28th

Next Up Column Color Guide

this color means player has among best averages at upcoming event. Top 4 type quality, either division.
this color means player is among top 8 MPO and top 7 FPO avg finish at next the event
this is for MPO avg fin to 12, and for FPO to 11
this is for MPO to 16, and FPO to 14
for MPO to 20, and FPO to 18
Event Red text - Indicates players first time playing event in past 5 years
Event Green text - Indicates player was among top 4 in last year's event
Event Orange text means player is averaging consistently at this level over past 5 years. Fairly rare this happens, but does with some players.
Event Purple text means latest finish at event is significantly worse than what average (background color) indicates. In other words, player is trending down from their average.
Event Underlined is linking to AF profile for the event. For this example, you'll go to Clubhouse.

Color for all other columns on ranking lists

this color means for the column, this player is #1, or best player AF tracks
this is for 2nd best player
this is for 3rd best player.
4th best
5th best
6th best
7th best
Once in awhile 2 players will have same colors as they are in a virtual tie on the stat

Added Notes

Color tool that is used on the site is not saving the colors so AF is not getting exact hues each update. But the above pattern ought to help with the color scheme going forward.

Bonus Content tables may make use of this color scheme likely under the “for all other columns” scheme.

Again, this page is a work in progress. Right about now, AF would appreciate feedback from data nerds at