Starter’s Guide

Are you new here?

Are you new to the game of disc golf? Or new to fantasy disc golf? Or just new to Art’s Fudge. Read this page and we’ll do our best to address all the main questions a newbie might have. Or link you to places that have some answers.

Pro Disc Golf Rankings for Super Fans

Launched in early 2022. Art’s Fudge (AF) aims to be a premier ranking service for elite professional disc golfers. Tailored to fantasy disc golf. Focused on pro player values for weekly re-draft leagues. We are growing fast, trying to keep pace with fastest growing sport in the world.

Anyone can be a super fan. Art’s Fudge strives to make that easy, and fun. Weekly rankings keep fans up to date. Art’s monthly Power Ranking along with frequent Bonus Content add storylines, as relevant data. To entertain and inform.

Super fans are passionate followers of elite disc golf. More likely to watch both MPO and FPO play. More tuned to the multitudes of video content. And most interested in participating in fantasy disc golf leagues.

Getting to know Art

The two best ways to get to know what Art’s Fudge is up to are:

  • Visit our Beginner’s Guide if new to pro disc golf and fantasy
  • Understand we are constantly layering our data, in never ending quest to reveal pro player value, and added story lines

Our 2023 ranking lists will make use of color, as an added layer. As well as more columns in weekly lists. We offer a boutique, or sophisticated approach, as ranking service, while keeping things fresh and creative.

Art is Art. Everyone knows Art. What began as acronym for Fantasy Disc Golf (FDG), aka Fudge, has come to represent another key aspect of our brand. The human element. AF rankings allow human judgment to help determine fantasy values. Along with a good dozen or so formulas.

Driven by Data. Fudged by Art.

The data AF tracks, analyzes and publishes is based mostly on relevancy to fantasy disc golf. Specifically on the SkipAce platform, or applicable to any fantasy league where scoring is determined by the final place that pro players finish events. Stats in vein of most birdies and circle 2 putting percentage do add value, but are not part of contemporary fantasy disc golf leagues. Instead it’s about final place at the big events on tour, along with historical as well as recent averages for each player.

Art’s Fudge delivers several unique data types. In multiple ways. Tournament profiles picks up from where 2022 season finished, seeking to capture all the regular tour stops and prominent pro events. Our profiles are fully intended to appeal to wider audience, while including final page targeted at participants of fantasy.

And in early 2023 we did the obvious next step, published our first Fantasy Disc Golf kit, intended to be an annual volume that highlights more players and more data than the weekly lists allow. Plus gets super fans ready for the next year. Be it with season drafts, weekly re-drafts or next chapters, in the greatest sport around.